Lifestyle Coach Training

A minimum of six trainees is required to proceed with each training session. If the minimum of six attendees is not met two weeks before the training, we reserve the right to cancel.

Training Details


4 half days or
2 full days
*12 hours minimum

Delivery Mode

Virtual and In-Person Training


$500-$750 per Coach *Discounts may apply


Offered in English and Spanish in certain locations

Other Lifestyle Coach Trainings

  • Provide the CDC curriculum
  • Provide the participant handouts to accompany the curriculum the research behind the DPP
  • Most of the time spent in the training is going over the lessons, one-by-one.
Lifestyle coach training
Group of people standing behind the training table

Our Lifestyle Coach Training is Unique

Our approach is different. In addition to providing these same materials, which tells you WHAT to do; we also focus on teaching you HOW to be successful. Participants don’t come to a diabetes prevention Program for the information within the curriculum. They come to class to Learn HOW to apply this information into their lifestyle.

A successful CDC Lifestyle Coach must be able to move away from teaching and toward Facilitating conversation and actions that will lead to behavior modification.

Our Unique 4 Main Components

  • Turning the CDC Curriculum into a Class (What to Say and Do)
  • Art of Facilitation (How to turn information into application)
  • Making the content fit the culture (Make it work for your audience)
  • Key to Success and Overcoming Obstacles (Do this – Not that!)
Trainees in a training class

We adjust the time spent on each of the components to best meet the needs of the group we are training. For example, some groups may need less time on facilitation and more on making the classes culturally appropriate.

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