Advanced Training

The newly released DPRP Standards have an updated requirement that Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators must complete at least two hours of advanced coach training each year. As a CDC Training Entity, our advanced trainings allow your organization, coaches, and coordinators to meet this requirement.

Why train with us?

In addition to helping trainees become better coaches, we help organizations build better programs, and help communities design better referral networks to create better outcomes.

Advanced Training group picture
Advanced Training coaches and trainees group picture

Advanced Training

Everyone has a role in creating a successful and sustainable diabetes prevention program, which is why our trainings provide the opportunity for Lifestyle Coaches, Program Coordinators, Administrative Staff, Primary and Non-Primary Health Care Providers (E.g., Pharmacist, Registered Dietitians), and Health Plans to take their knowledge up a notch (or two). We have on-demand, in-person, and virtual training for individuals and corporations.


Advanced Training Modalities


A trainer will facilitate the live training in-person with your organization.

(min. 10 individuals)


A trainer will facilitate the live training virtually with your organization.

(min. 10 individuals)


A trainer will facilitate the training one-on-one via on-demand learning.

(min.1 license)

On-demand Advanced Training Courses

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